What’s in Dana Perino’s Christmas gift guide?

Fox News anchor and co-host Dana Perino sat down with some of America’s best-selling authors to learn more about them and their work on Fox Nation’s “Dana Perino’s Book Club.”

For Christmas 2019, Perino selected her top 5 favorite episodes and the books that she believes would make great holiday gifts.

“Girls Like Us” by Cristina Alger

“I was a lawyer in my previous life,” hit mystery and thriller writer Cristina Alger told Perino. “I loved true crime and the sort of spark of inspiration for this book was a true crime that happened in a small town called Gilgo Beach, which is sort of down the road from where my family lives in Suffolk County in New York.”

“It’s an unsolved case still, where they found the bodies of four girls on the beach, buried on the beach,” she explained. “And that case always fascinated me. And I did a lot of research into it just for my own morbid curiosity. And it sort of sparked the creation of Nell, who’s the FBI agent who becomes the protagonist in this book, who solves a similar case.”

“Another interesting thing is that as Nell goes through… when she’s piecing things together — it’s another woman that helps her put the pieces together,” noted Perino.

“I find there are a lot of thrillers that all the characters are men and the women are kind of ancillary characters,”  said Alger. “So I like having the women be sort of front and center in my books.”

Posted in News & Other Writing on January, 2020

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