When we meet Annabel Lerner, the eponymous protagonist of “The Banker’s Wife” (Putnam, 352 pp., ★★★ out of four), she’s waiting for her husband, reading a domestic thriller – “the kind of book she’d read a million times before, a book with ‘Girl’ in the title and an unreliable narrator.”

With her third novel – a sequel of sorts to “The Darlings,” her 2012 debut – Cristina Alger offers an antidote to that sub-genre: an international thriller about two highly reliable women forced into action when the men in their lives vanish and leave them holding the bag.

The bag, in this case, is lethally sensitive data and all the rich, shadowy, violent people who’d like to keep their secrets. Though “The Banker’s Wife” is more of a clear-cut genre novel than “The Darlings,” it flows logically from that book, which dealt with the fallout of an investment scandal caused by a Bernie Madoff-like fraudster.

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