New York Post: This week’s 6 must-read books

This week’s 6 must-read books

The Banker’s Wife
Cristina Alger (fiction, GP Putnam’s Sons)
Banker Matthew Warner has died in a plane crash, leaving his stunned widow behind in Switzerland. In the aftermath of his death, Annabel is left to navigate the web of secrets he left behind, including an encrypted laptop, mysterious coworkers and some questionable business dealings.

Spymaster (The Scot Harvath Series)
Brad Thor (fiction, Atria)
A secret organization is attacking diplomats across Europe, while a US ally demands the identity of a top-level covert asset. Counterterrorism expert Scot Harvath must step in with a plan to prevent an all-out world war from breaking out, and do whatever it takes.

Helen Thomson (nonfiction, Ecco)
The human mind is a fascinating thing, perhaps never more so than when it misbehaves. “Unthinkable” takes the reader on a journey through 9 extraordinary cases, including the man who believed he was a tiger, and a woman who heard nonexistent music.

Dear Mrs. Bird
AJ Peace (fiction, Scribner)
It’s London during World War II, and Emmeline Lake, a typist at the London Evening Chronicle, becomes a secret advice columnist to readers who have mailed in letters expressing their concerns about everything from love to wartime evacuation. Charming and funny.

The Last Time I Lied
Riley Sager (fiction, Dutton)
Camp Nightingale has been shuttered since the disappearance of three girls 15 years ago, when their cabin-mate Emma watched them walk out the door one night, never to be seen again. When its owner decides to open it again, she enlists Emma as an art instructor. Emma is reluctant to return to such a painful place, but does so against her better instincts.

The Dependents
Katherine Dion (fiction, Little, Brown)
After his wife dies, Gene tries to navigate his new life in her absence, questioning his lifelong friendships and his relationship with his daughter and new caretaker in a novel that is quietly moving and profound.

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